Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an option you get to choose when your points score is not high enough. PNP allows you to choose a province which makes it easier to get a nomination based on your profile. A provincial nomination can help you get your PR visa by adding 600 CRS points to your Express Entry application that makes you eligible to apply for your PR visa directly to IRCC.

  1. To be eligible to apply through PNP, you must meet the minimum requirements from any one of the provinces or territories that are non-Express Entry streams.
  2. Once you meet the minimum requirements, you must be nominated under that particular territory.
  1. First, you are required to apply to the province or territory for which you want to get the PR Visa. After which you will be assessed based on the need of your immigration and the sincerity of your plan to live in Canada.
  2. Once the province or the territory you have applied for nominates you, you are required to apply for a permanent residence.